Shopping for a New Bow?

Aim for our sporting goods store in Marlette, MI

If archery is your outdoor sport of choice, make us your bow supplier. When you visit our sporting goods store you'll find the best brands in bows, crossbows, arrows and accessories. An online description box will never give you the insight an in-person purchase can.

We'll make sure you've got the right product before you leave the store by providing:

A test range: Test your bow before you buy it in our 15-yard indoor range.
Knowledgeable staff: Our well-educated workers will help you make the right decision.
A broad selection: We have over 200 bows and crossbows in stock.

Give your game the best advantage by visiting our Marlette, MI store today.

Extreme bow tune - $40
Basic bow tune - $20
Serve string or cable - $8
String loop - $4
Serve in peep - $5
Bow set up (bought elsewhere) - $25
Bow set up (bought in store) - FREE
Change draw length - $10
Change string & cables - $25
Refletch arrows - $2.50
Cut & insert arrows - $1
Labor rate - $59/hr.